Does USPS Deliver Packages on Sunday? Explained Simply

If you’ve ever eagerly awaited a package and wondered if USPS delivers on Sundays, you’re not alone. Here’s a straightforward breakdown to clear up any confusion:

USPS Deliver Packages on Sunday

Understanding USPS:

USPS, or the United States Postal Service, is the government-run service responsible for mail and package delivery nationwide.

Sunday Deliveries:

Yes, USPS does deliver on Sundays, but there are specific rules:

  • Priority Mail Express: This service guarantees overnight delivery, even on weekends.
  • Amazon Packages: USPS delivers many Amazon packages on Sundays in select areas through a special arrangement.

How to Get a Sunday Delivery:

To ensure your package arrives on a Sunday:

  • Use Priority Mail Express.
  • Order from Amazon and check if Sunday delivery is available in your area during checkout.

Where Sunday Delivery is Available:

Sunday delivery is mainly in urban areas with high populations. Check with USPS or Amazon to confirm availability in your location.

Why USPS Delivers on Sundays:

They do this to manage high package volumes, especially during busy holidays or events like Amazon Prime Day.

Reliability of Sunday Delivery:

It’s generally reliable, especially for Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages. You can track your package and get customer support if needed.

Missed Delivery Options:

If you miss a Sunday delivery, you can:

  • Arrange redelivery online.
  • Pick up your package at the post office.
  • Have it left with a neighbour (if permitted)?

Future of USPS Sunday Deliveries:

As e-commerce grows, more areas may get Sunday delivery. Expect improvements in technology and more partnerships with retailers.


While not all USPS shipments arrive on Sundays, understanding their Sunday delivery options helps you plan and manage expectations. Whether it’s a gift or an urgent business need, USPS covers you when time is critical.


  • Can I track my USPS package on a Sunday? Yes.
  • Are there extra fees for Sunday delivery? There are no extra fees for eligible services.
  • Are all USPS offices open on Sundays for pickups? No, check local office hours.

Understanding USPS’s services makes shipping and receiving smoother.

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