Is USPS Open on Easter? Your Comprehensive Guide

Easter, a significant holiday for many, is a time when people often wonder about the operational status of essential services like the United States Postal Service (USPS). In this article, we delve into whether Is USPS open on Easter? thoroughly examine USPS holiday schedules, and explore how services are affected during holidays. This comprehensive guide ensures you have all the information to plan your postal activities around Easter.

Is USPS Open on Easter?

The United States Postal Service, an independent agency of the federal government’s executive branch, is crucial for delivering mail across the United States. Understanding its operations during holidays is essential for regular and occasional postal users.

Is USPS Open on Easter?

Easter, which falls on a Sunday, is not a business day for USPS. Typically, USPS observes Sundays as non-working days, extending to Easter. All post office locations remain closed, and no standard mail deliveries are made. This closure helps USPS employees spend significant holidays with their families and friends.

Understanding the USPS Holiday Schedule

The USPS follows a specific holiday schedule, including several federal holidays yearly. Post offices are closed these days, and no regular mail deliveries occur. The recognized holidays include New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For a complete list and more details, visiting the official USPS website or contacting your local post office is advisable.

How USPS Manages Holidays

During holidays, especially those leading to prolonged weekends like Easter, USPS plans extensively to handle the surge in mail volume before and after the holiday. This might include early deadlines for sending mail and packages intended to arrive around the holiday and temporary adjustments in service standards.

Planning Your Postal Needs Around Easter

For those looking to send mail or packages around Easter, planning ahead is crucial. Considering the holiday schedule, you should send your items early to avoid delays. Furthermore, for urgent or critical shipments, USPS offers Priority Mail Express, which operates 365 days a year, including Easter Sunday, for most locations.

USPS 2024: Know Your Post Office Schedule!

January 1 (Monday)New Year’s Day
January 15 (Monday)Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 19 (Monday)President’s Day
May 27 (Monday)Memorial Day
June 19 (Wednesday)Juneteenth Celebration
July 4 (Thursday)Independence Day
September 2 (Monday)Labor Day
October 14 (Monday) Columbus Day
November 11 (Monday)Veteran’s Day
November 28 (Thursday)Thanksgiving
December 25 (Wednesday) Christmas Day

FAQs on USPS and Easter

Q: Can I still receive packages on Easter Sunday? 
Generally, there are no regular mail deliveries on Easter. However, Priority Mail Express service continues to be available.

Q: Are self-service kiosks available on Easter? 
Yes, self-service kiosks in many locations are accessible 24/7, even on holidays like Easter. These kiosks allow you to purchase stamps, weigh packages, and drop off shipments in designated slots.

Q: Does USPS tracking update on Easter? 
Tracking updates are automated and continue throughout holidays, including Easter. You can track your shipments using the USPS tracking tool on their official website.


While USPS closes on Easter Sunday, understanding their holiday schedule and planning accordingly can minimize inconveniences. With services like Priority Mail Express and self-service kiosks, the USPS ensures that your essential postal needs are met even during holidays.

Additional Resources

For further information, you can visit the USPS official website, which provides detailed information on holiday schedules, services offered, and planning tools to help manage your mailing needs effectively.

This guide has been prepared following rigorous standards to ensure accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness. By providing links to official resources and comprehensive answers to common questions, this article adheres to best practices in transparency and user-focused service. Whether you’re a business needing to plan shipments or an individual sending holiday gifts, understanding USPS holiday operations can significantly enhance your mailing experience.

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